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Gate 29
Finding a Cure in Istanbul

Finding a Cure in Istanbul, focuses on the concept of healing, starting from the issue of access to health in big cities throughout history, from cholera to corona. In this period, when we witness that the right to health, the right to life and the right to the city should be considered together, Gate 29 covers the distances and responsibilities required by the collective life; crosses a thought-provoking threshold in the body-space network.

Gate 29 - Finding a Cure in Istanbul (video art)

Gate 29 - Finding a Cure in Istanbul (video art)

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Project Design, Choreography and Performance: İsmet Köroğlu

Director: Çağla Çağlar

Director of Photography: Emre Köktaş

Assistant Director: Elif Buse Günay

Photographer: Cihan Bacak

Music: Barış Ergün

Graphic Design: Tunahan Pehlivan

Costume: The Balt

Production: Karşı Sanat & Beraberco & Melis Bektaş

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