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Nilipek. Mektuplar 

Şen Bakkal Sessions

"On April 29, we dived into Şen Bakkal Studios and recorded live the songs in "Mektuplar" that we couldn't play, where we couldn't tell where they reached or how they touched them. The 'Mektuplar' that were written, enveloped and sent exactly one year ago, seemed like all this time was lost and only reached their address when they re-entered the studio."


Nilipek. - İbrahim (Şen Bakkal Live Session)

Nilipek. - İbrahim (Şen Bakkal Live Session)

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Director: Emre Koktas

Director of Photographers: Ali Kanibelli, Emre Koktas

Lightining: Ahmet Togrul

Editing: Emre Koktas 

Color Grading: Emre Koktas, Ali Kanibelli

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