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I believe that the world we live in is based on completely different emotions and different emotions. I am alive thanks to the most primitive emotions of humanity that have developed over the centuries, and the reflections of creation and production on our day. Growing up in a chaos like Istanbul allowed me to get my driver's license in a scrap car. But being able to drive and having miles of road is the only thing that fuels my gas. Every road I go, every work I put out, the experience of this is parallel.
I am a person whose memory works with “moments”. All events, situations, experiences continue, end, maybe still continue. I could never stop myself from keeping the big picture in the background and focusing on one or more moments of what happened. This is the whole of time, space, taste, texture and feeling. It would be the greatest injustice to myself to be aware of all this and not visualize what is going on. This is the main reason for my fondness for cinema and photography.
Both cinema and photography; where the art of watching the art of creation and contacting various feelings converge. The observed or seen phenomena cover a huge area where there is a vast and endless experiance life that lasts as long as a split second. And since this visual passion underlying what I do, occupies a large part of my life, guides me to know what I want and gives me the pleasure of reflecting myself, it is a mine that will never diminish in value.
Emre Köktaş
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